Principles and Values

Principles and Values Guiding the Community Investment Committee are:

  • The United Way community investment program should be determined within a framework which is responsive to changing social conditions and community needs developed in consultation with human service agencies, other community organizations and all levels of government.
  • The United Way should develop a relationship with agencies based on mutual trust and respect, freedom from unreasonable demands and the sharing of goals.
  • The United Way recognizes that the volunteer board of directors of a program partner is in the best position to ensure the agency's own accountability.
  • The United Way recognizes that program partners are generally providing effective and efficient services. The United Way expects that program partners will provide ongoing feedback that the project for which they have received funding is running smoothly; if they are in need of assistance or need to make changes, they will contact our office.
  • The United Way believes that in general, program partners are providing needed and desirable services; in the case of an exception, where that belief is subject to question, United Way will engage in discussion with the agency.
  • The United Way recognizes that its principles and processes must have sufficient flexibility to enable it to respond to the many needs and myriad of differences in program partners.
  • The United Way's practice is that funded services be open to all members of the community for whom the service is appropriate.