The United Way NWT is a member of United Way Centraide Canada. We have our own board of directors made up of Northern people and we operate our own finances. Although we act as our independent organization, we uphold the transparency, accountability and financial requirements set out by United Way Centraide Canada organizations. 

United Way Centraides have a long history of responsible stewardship of our communities’ resources. We continue to be recognized for our best practices in promoting openness and accountability, and make our administrative and fundraising costs available to the public through a variety of means.

United Way Centraides across the country strive to ensure that the funds raised are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. The United Way NWT is the same. We rely on the generous contributions of community members and engage thousands of volunteers every year to keep our costs as low as possible. Every year, our fundraising and administrative costs go down. With one part-time staff member, we're able to invest most of our funds back into the community.

United Way Centraide Canada is proud to be a member of Imagine Canada, and to be recognized for its leadership role in the non-profit sector.