Funding Evaluation Criteria

How Funding Decisions are Made

A Community Investment Committee, chaired by a member of the United Way NWT board of directors and assisted by members of the community, evaluates the applications on a composite scale reflecting performance in three areas:

"From poverty to possibility"
"Healthy people, strong communities"
"All that kids can be "

The Committee bases its assessment on information provided on the application form.

Committee members assign a rating for each criterion. The ratings are intended to identify the degree to which the agency meets the specific standards.

United Way NWT does not approve grants for school trips or animal related causes.

Criterion I: Effectiveness

Does the agency's proposal address one of the three key areas? Which one? How?

How will this proposal impact people affected in the three key areas? How will this impact be demonstrated? What will success look like?

Does this proposal address identified barriers and gaps for individuals experiencing the effects of the three key areas?

Criterion II: Community Partnerships

Does this proposal build on existing community programs and funding in a way that maximizes impact on the community?

Does this proposal demonstrate a partnership among the other community based human service agencies?

Criterion III: Accessibility

Has the applicant demonstrated how it will reach out to the community and promote its program?

How many people will be impacted by this proposal?

Criterion IV: Management

Does the agency have a board in good-standing?

Through this proposal, does, this agency demonstrate sufficient capacity to carry out the work proposed and account for the resources used?

Is the organization financially stable? Is it in a deficit position?

Criterion V: Need for United Way Support

Does the agency demonstrate a need for United Way funding?

Could this project go ahead without United Way funding?


For more information: or 867-669-7986.